April is Alcohol Awareness Month


We’ll kick off Alcohol Awareness Month (April) with the annual YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! (YAM) Campaign. YAM is a statewide campaign, sponsored by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) to remind adults that preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility.

ESAP members along with adult volunteers,  ETHS Students,  Evanston Police Dept. , & assistance from the  Institute for Therapy through the Arts; we will visit local businesses Thursday, April 6th from 4:30-7:30 pm to distribute materials emphasizing the harm of underage drinking. The campaign consists of hanging posters/signs, and materials placed directly on alcoholic beverages sold at retail locations, so those who purchase them will think twice before giving alcohol to underage persons.

This campaign is designed to reinforce positive behavior. The vast majority of adults in Illinois do NOT give alcohol to minors nor do the majority of teens drink alcohol. By posting these positive messaging materials in liquor establishments throughout the state, adults will be reminded that giving alcohol to minors – and underage drinking – is NOT the “norm.”

To learn out more about the YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Campaign or to get involved,         please contact the ESAP Coalition Alcohol Committee Chair, Julia Brownfield at jbrownfield@peerservices.org, call 847-492-1778 or visit YourActionsMatter.org


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